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Iran Fire Show (October 16-19, 2017)


【Exhibition City】 Iran Tehran

【Exhibition time】 October 16-17, 2017                                            

[Support institutions] Iran police station



The  exhibition was organized in 2002 by the Najir military headquarters  organized the first exhibition, when the exhibition attracted from 19  countries, industry and trade exhibitors and display their products. Since  then, the Iranian Investment Promotion Agency has included this  exhibition and advertised on various websites at home and abroad. This  exhibition is a prerequisite for the development of enterprises in Iran  and the development of the government, led by the Iranian police  station, as well as the strong support of associations, chambers of  commerce, media and industry giants. The last scale of 271  exhibitors, 16,000 square meters, 65300 visitors; over the same period  held a number of seminars and forums. With the promotion of  information exhibition promotion, more and more fire rescue enterprises  more and more interested in this exhibition, more and more enterprises  to participate in the exhibition and professional visitors attracted to  the exhibition, the Chinese enterprises to enter the Iranian Middle East  market Great choice!

【Market analysis】

Iran is one of the major Asian economies. Iran's economic strength ranks seventh in Asia (inferior to China, Japan, India, Korea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia). Located  in the southwestern part of Asia, Iran is adjacent to Turkmenistan,  Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The North  is located across the sea from Russia and Kazakhstan, south of the  Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, And "Eastern and Western air corridors," said the strategic position is very important. At the same time Iran's oil and gas reserves are rich, is OPEC (OPEC) the second largest oil exporter. And control of 10% of global oil reserves. With the oil, natural gas prices continue to rise, to promote the economic consumption of Iran. In recent years, Iran's GDP to 7% of the probability of rising. According to the latest statistics, the local population is now more  than 70 million, is the Middle East's largest food consumer terminal  market.

Iran  is an important trading partner of China, but also an important source  of oil and gas supply in China. Although the United States has imposed  various restrictions and sanctions on Iran in recent years, Iran has a  poor relationship with the United States, but Iran has a strong  relationship with the United States A  clear attitude, has been constantly looking for opportunities and  suppliers to work hard to expand the arsenal .2010 to see Chinese  enterprises with advanced fire police equipment appeared in the  exhibition site, suddenly attracted different levels of government  officials and government Procurement  departments to come to understand the exchange, making China's fire  security companies in the Iranian country caused a burst of no small  impact, in order to more complete Iran's government reserves and  security needs, the Iranian government and multi-dealer strongly hope  that more Chinese enterprises to With our products made in China appear in the exhibition site to speed  up the elimination of its domestic products, to achieve replacement!  So, Iran is worthy of Chinese companies concerned about one of the  emerging markets.

【Range of exhibition】


Fire  fighting equipment, fire protection equipment, fire protection  equipment, fire protection equipment, fire protection equipment, fire  protection equipment, fire prevention equipment, fire protection  equipment, fire protection equipment, fire protection equipment System  / logo materials / emergency lights / batteries, rescue systems /  rescue equipment / life detection equipment, emergency rescue aircraft /  vehicles / boats, anti-virus equipment / anti-virus materials / drug  control systems, fire engines / ambulances and equipment. Fire  alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm, fire  alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm, Fire  safety equipment (protective clothing, tooling shoes and overalls,  etc.), safe disposal of dangerous substances, industrial safety products  under high-risk environment, fire safety equipment, fire protection  equipment, fire protection equipment, fire protection equipment, fire  detection equipment,