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The 16th Hebei Social Public Security Products Expo


Organizer Shijiazhuang City Security Technology Prevention  Association, Hebei Province Public Security Department and the relevant  departments of the province's Public Security Bureau
Introduction to the exhibition
First, the schedule and location:
Registration: March 21-21, 2016
Time: March 23, 2016 - 25 days
Date of dismantling: 20:00 on March 25, 2016

Second, the scope of exhibitors:
1, video surveillance system: front-end equipment, video transmission  equipment, video storage devices, central control software and  equipment, LCD splicing large-screen display system, multimedia video  processing technology, multimedia network application technology;
2, anti-theft alarm system: sensors, monitoring and control, alarm, fence, vehicle anti-theft anti-robbery network alarm system;
3, import and export control system: access control, card, parking management system, Patrol inspection management system;
4, intelligent buildings: building intercom, home intelligent systems, building automation systems;
5, public broadcasting and conference system
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6, professional LED display system
7, police equipment: security equipment, police equipment, police  vehicles, special vehicles, criminal investigation equipment, wireless  walkie - talkie, police communications and information applications,  public security system digital processing systems and other human  security equipment,
8, biometric, anti-counterfeiting technology;
9, intelligent transportation equipment: intelligent navigation  system, vehicle navigation system, intelligent car park management and  traffic safety facilities;
10, things networking and information technology
11, power supply, integrated wiring system, wire and cable and peripheral equipment, accessories;
12, chassis, cabinets, TV wall, console, security doors, locks, safes (boxes), bulletproof composite glass;
13, mine products, fire products, electronic education equipment, etc.
14, emergency rescue system;
15, other social public security products and professional security market.
Third, the journal and other publicity:
Publication size: 285mm × 210mm Please electronic version of the manuscript in March 3, 2016 issued to the organizing committee.
Fourth, the exhibition procedures:
1, the exhibitors fill out the application form (contract) and stamped  with official seal, post or fax to the organizing committee;
2, exhibitors after the registration date in the agreed date of the  exhibition fee and other fees remitted to the Organizing Committee  designated account, and the remittance certificate to the organizing  committee;
3, the organizing committee received the exhibition fee, the final  identification of the booth, the right to a reasonable adjustment of a  small number of booths;
4, booth arrangements will be the first registration, first payment, the first distribution of the principle;
5, advertising costs paid once, otherwise not arranged;
6, exhibits pick up, accommodation arrangements and other business work, will be a month before the notice.

Fifth, publicity and promotion:
1, through the newspapers, magazines, radio, the site for a comprehensive promotion.
2, through the accumulation of long-term industry resources and the majority of customer networks to promote.
3, through the famous professional exhibition to promote.
4, through twenty thousand invitations and hundreds of thousands of tickets to invite professional visitors.
5, the organization of government departments, institutions,  scientific research units and other relevant leaders to visit the  General Assembly.
6,  the professional audience: all levels of administrative agencies, the  major enterprises, the security installation and construction units,  real estate developers, security production manufacturers, engineering  design units, security products distribution, distribution, wholesalers,  education systems, property management companies , Financial units, electricity, urban construction, hospitals and other units.

Sixth, note:
1, where the state and the public security organs to prohibit the  sale, the use of equipment, not allowed to exhibit, but not allowed to  take private sales.
2,  all need to hold technical seminars, new product promotion unit, please  the seminar content, new product introduction, speaker qualifications  and other relevant information in the month before the monthly  Organizing Committee.